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About Dog Cancer

If your dog has been diagnosed with cancer, please consider taking 5 minutes to read this page, and watch the short video:  A natural approach to fighting cancer in dogs

Ok, nobody really wants to talk about cancer, whether it's breast cancer or some type of dog cancer. It is one of the most dreaded words - in any language!

. . . But, talking about stuff keeps you informed right? So, on this page let's talk about 17 different types of cancer in dogs. This is by no means a complete list, but they are the most common types of cancer in dogs.

Just like people, there are certain types of cancers that are more common in dogs, and certain breeds are more susceptible to certain types. you'll find links in each section below, to more detailed information about each type.

Before we talk about specific types of dog cancer, let's talk about what cancer cells are. . .

What are cancer cells?

Bodies, both yours and your four-legged friends are filled with cells. Normal cells grow like they're supposed to, stick together and communicate with each other like they're supposed to, and then they die when and if they're supposed to.

Cancer cells on the other hand, don't do anything normal. They grow (reproduce) out of control, when they do reproduce, they're all different and don't talk to each other correctly, they can separate from each other and spread to other areas of the body, and they don't die easily.

A cancer tumor is what forms when these abnormal cells reproduce massively, and cluster together. These "bad" cells then kill other good cells, and cause damage to the area around them.

Okay, now that you have a basic understanding of the difference between a normal cell and a cancer cell, let's talk about some specific types of dog cancer.

Prostate Cancer in Dogs

Well, our four-legged boy's have a prostate just like two-legged boys, which means Canine Prostate Cancer is a possibility

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