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About Dog Health Problems

Have you ever read a Wikipedia page about dog health problems? Did your eyes glaze over? Did you say to yourself "what in the heck does Blastomycosis mean?"

Can I have that in laymen's terms please?

. . . Well, that's exactly what you'll get here. Everything you need to know about dog diseases and dog illnesses, in plain, easy to understand language.

  • What is it
  • What causes it
  • What are the symptoms
  • How is it diagnosed
  • How is it treated conventionally
  • How can it be treated naturally
  • How can it be prevented

Vet's are just like people Doctors. . . .they throw out terms like "degenerative myelopathy", and expect us to understand what it means.

My dog Chevy and I absolutely love our vet, he's fantastic!

. . . But, I'm not one for following a vet or Doctor's advice blindly. I like to be informed and know what he's talking about. That's why I do my own research.

How about you? Of course you want to be informed, that's why you're here right? :0)

Mangy's Favorite Quote:  
Many will walk in and out of your life, but only a true friend will leave paw prints on your heart.

I'm not a veterinarian, but I love dogs! I grew up on a farm and have been doctoring animals since I can remember, and I'm very good at researching in order to gain understanding.

Why did I create this website? Because over the years, I've done a lot of research on various dog illnesses for myself, as well as friends and family.

The problem I've always encountered is having to cross reference numerous articles or books, look up definitions of terms used (or even definitions of definitions), in order to really understand what something means.

If I've had this problem, I know you have too. So I've done all the research, cross-referencing and defining for you – what you get is all the various dog health problems explained and defined in very easy to understand language and terms.

I'll also show you comparisons of treating dog health problems by conventional veterinary medicine vs. natural alternatives, when appropriate – as well as attacking them with both.